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▴ Our Story ▴

            LORENZO.AE is a premium merchandising store based in Dubai. The store has an exclusive collection of clothing and accessories that have grabbed the attention of youth all over the world.

LORENZO.AE was established 2016 as a small offline store in Dubai's famous theme park "Global Village" by a young entrepreneur Mohamed Sarhan A.K.A Lorenzo, An Engineer and Designer with a passion for business in the "grey" space between art, design and technology.

           LORENZO.AE has a wide variety of apparel and a unique fashion style with an immense range of features and designs. The clothing and accessories are designed with a touch of style and a concern for safety.       

             All the apparels at LORENZO.AE are a must-have on any party-goers list. Our products help you in standing out in a crowd and making a statement that leaves a lasting impression. It is your one stop shop to find futuristic and innovative clothing designs that will change your outlook of modern fashion.

LORENZO.AE is located in the land of the deserts caters to everyone from beyond the seas. We strive to bring exclusivity in everything the store has to offer and never disappoint our customers. Our mission is to make unique and distinctive clothing and accessories available to anyone in the market.